Not blessed with a perfect smile… there is help available

They say we are all made in God’s image which is truly wonderful. Unfortunately for some of us that were not blessed with a perfectly straight, white and beautiful teeth that statement offers less comfort that we would like. As is the case with most things we have choices available to us. We can either […]

Why I use a virtual office

As is probably obvious to most people that check out this blog, I am a small business owner. That means I have certain operational needs that are part of the normal course of operating that business. As few of those items are a business address and phone number. To many people that probably sounds like […]

Choosing the Lawn Maintenance Service that Best Fits Your Needs

When you decide that you want to hire a professional lawn maintenance service to take care of your landscaping in Phoenix, AZ, the next step involves choosing the right company. You’ll most likely have very many options available to you, so you’ll need to find a lawn service that is completely legitimate and reputable. This […]

Your faith based business and internet marketing

Internet Marketing refers to the advertisement of products and services via the web. Whether you own a faith based business or any other business it can be a very lucrative platform and has a number of merits. Apart from Christian business owners having a global audience, they can also disseminate local information to existing parishioners […]