Inspired lives in Jesus Christ… get inspired today!

Many of us have stumbled through life in the dark. We toil under the weight of the mistaken belief that we are alone and no one is there when time are hardest. There is a better way, someone is there for you and loves you and will always be there when you are weak. That support can be found in Jesus Christ. All you need do is open heart to him, he is waiting and he wants to have a relationship with you. I won’t tell you it will always be easy or it will always make sense, but the light and the guidance you have always wanted is there for the taking.

This post is not intended to be any more than a simple invitation to accept Jesus as your savior and step into the light. He has plans for you that are on beyond your wildest dreams, this will not be a decision you will have to regret. God bless you and keep you. Stay tuned as we add more posts and more Christian resources to this blog.

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