Not blessed with a perfect smile… there is help available

invisalignThey say we are all made in God’s image which is truly wonderful. Unfortunately for some of us that were not blessed with a perfectly straight, white and beautiful teeth that statement offers less comfort that we would like. As is the case with most things we have choices available to us. We can either live with our imperfections or get them altered. If you are fall into the camp where alteration of your imperfections is preferable to staying with the original equipment I have good news for you. There is a relatively painless and very effective way to correct crooked teeth. That treatment is called Invisalign. Invisalign is effectively a clear, hard plastic, custom molded device that will straighten a wayward smile.

In the past the only choice that existed to straighten a crooked smile was horrifically uncomfortable, not to mention hideously unattractive metal braces. They were and still are expensive, uncomfortable (frequently cutting the inside of mouths) and very much as unattractive as ever. They are prone to being difficult to clean around resulting in un detected cavities. They also require frequent adjustments and check ups. Let’s just say they are beyond all definition of intrusive and un pleasant.

Invisalign on the other hand are minimally invasive. Can be removed for normal thorough brushing and tooth cleaning. Require less frequent orthodontist visits. They are by all definitions and metrics the full opposite of metal braces. They are a pleasure by comparison. Not only that, but they are effective and affordable with convenient financing. The treatment also takes less time, often less than 20 months for adults depending upon case specifics. If you are in Charlotte NC and want to learn more visit .

So long story short, God may have made us all in his own image, but that doesn’t mean we can’t polish a rough edge here and there. So if you were thinking of getting your teeth straightened you own it to yourself to explore the details further.

Here is a brief video on the oral heal benefits of Invisalign Charlotte:

For more on oral health visit the ADA’s Website.