A Poem about Christian Faith

By New Prophets Gods Chosen | Jun 01, 2024

A Poem About Christian Faith

In the quiet whisper of the dawn’s first light,
A promise renews in the heart’s delight.
For in the stillness, a faith takes flight,
Anchored in Christ, our guiding light.

Through trials and storms, through joy and pain,
A steadfast hope does ever remain.
In valleys deep or mountains high,
His love endures, never passing by.

With eyes uplifted to the skies,
We seek the Lord, our strength, our prize.
His word, a lamp unto our feet,
In His embrace, our fears retreat.

The cross, a symbol of His grace,
A beacon bright in every place.
For through His sacrifice, we find,
A love eternal, pure, and kind.

In every prayer, in every song,
His spirit leads us, keeps us strong.
Through every tear and every cheer,
He walks beside us, ever near.

With faith as small as mustard seed,
Mountains move, and souls are freed.
In Christ alone, our hearts confide,
In His sweet peace, we abide.

So let our lives reflect His love,
Guided by His hand above.
For in His grace, our faith is grown,
In Christ, we are never alone.

Forever firm, our faith shall stand,
Led by the Savior’s gentle hand.
For in His promise, we believe,

And through His love, we receive.


by C Peterson